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Guarantees & Disclaimers

At C&G Tours, we stand behind our tours and guarantee your satisfaction!  C&G Tours will correct any problem that arises during your student tour (assuming it is brought to our attention).  If the situation is beyond our control, we will issue a partial or full refund for the unsatisfactory portion of the trip.

Our disclaimer page helps make you aware of some of the rules of the road.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact C&G Tours.


All prices based on 50 paid, cost may vary for smaller groups.


Anything not specifically mentioned in the contract is not included.  Examples consist of meals when not specifically mentioned, entrance fees and excursions not specifically mentioned and incidentals such as phone charges, rollaway beds and any other items of a personal nature.  Clients are strongly advised to review the travel agreement prior to signing. One tour guide has been included in your package.  If the group requires multiple bus moves additional Tour Guides they may be included for an additional charge. If purchased, one security person per coach has been included in your package.  If the group requires extra security provision, arrangements can be made for an additional fee. Every attempt has been made to see that your entire group is booked onto the same floor.  Beyond our control is a hotel client occupying a room scheduled for our use who does not check out as planned.  They are NOT REQUIRED TO MOVE!  Again, every attempt will be made to keep the group together. Hotel and motor coach reservations will be made upon receipt of signed contract.  Tickets and all other attractions, restaurants, etc. will be booked upon receipt of initial non-refundable deposit!

Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation Insurance has been offered and is strongly recommended for your protection!  If anyone in your group elects not to purchase the insurance (Travelers Inc 1-800-243-3174), C & G Tours cannot be held responsible for your coverage.  No exceptions will be made.  It is the Group Leader’s responsibility to make all Travelers aware of the availability of individual cancellation insurance and to collect the tear sheet at the bottom of our flyer to serve as a receipt of insurance purchase or non-purchase.  Please Contact insurance carrier for any refund request.

Rooming List (Please Use Form Provided)

It is imperative that a tentative rooming list be sent with the initial deposit.  If a tentative list cannot be supplied a breakdown of the total number of male and female students and male and female traveling adults (including group leaders) is acceptable.  This will enable accounting to invoice your group more accurately.  Please keep in mind that you will be invoiced as per the terms of the travel agreement (i.e. triple, double and single occupancy will be charged accordingly.

Non-alcoholic beverages can be provided with your pizza for an additional cost.

In the event of motor coach breakdown or any other interruption of service, C & G Tours will make every effort to correct the situation.  However, C & G Tours will not be responsible for accidents or acts of nature such as storms, traffic accidents, civil disruption or work stoppages or anything else beyond our control including but not limited to motor coach breakdown.

Tour Guides are not responsible for luggage or band equipment; nor are they permitted to count students or to provide transportation to any member of the group.

Tour Guides

Group chaperones and especially the group leader are NOT relieved of duty when the security guard is present.  You are responsible for the actions and behavior of the students until the trip is completed.  This includes the hotel, attractions, parks, restaurants, and the motor coach as well.  The tour guide and security guards are not responsible for discipline, but rather bring instances of such behavior to the attention of the group leader

Students are never to be left on the coach regardless of the circumstances unless accompanied by an adult tour guide.

Hotel swimming pools (if available) usually have limitations, they do not reserve space.  Attendance is on a first come basis.  Student must be chaperoned while in the hotel swimming pools at all times.