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C&G Tours is pleased to offer student tours that are certain to make your next class trip or field trip an enjoyable and educational experience.  With over 40 years student travel experience, I personally guarantee the security and professionalism you deserve, along with customized tour packages guaranteed to make each outing an unforgettable journey.

Why Choose C&G Tours?

  • Since 1992, individualized student tours to fit your budget and interests
  • Personalized itineraries
  • Professional Tour Directors (Optional)
  • Nighttime Security (Optional)
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Complete liability and accident insurance coverage
  • Safe hotels with indoor hallways, some exceptions
  • Video equipped motor coaches with USB charging ports
  • Taxes and gratuities on all included features
  • Director's manual
  • Separate escrow account for each individual traveling group
  • Deposit schedule to fit your needs
  • Two complimentary packages (double occupancy) per coach. More can be provided.  

Our personal touch is one of the reasons that our clients come back year after year and become not only our business associates, but also our friends!!